2022 Nashville Chamber Education Report

Celebrating 30 years

Nashville Chamber Education Report

Welcome to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's 30th Annual Education Report.

For three decades,

education has been a top priority for the Chamber and the business community. A consistent part of the business community’s commitment over these decades has been to produce the Education Report, a community perspective on opportunities and challenges facing Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Prompted by the “America 2000 Goals” issued in the early 1990s, the Chamber formed a task force in 1992 to study how other communities were measuring the success of their school systems and develop a process for Nashville. The task force recommended that the Chamber institute a citizen’s committee to issue an annual progress report to the School Board and administration on behalf of the community. In 1993, the first “Citizen’s Panel for a Community Report Card” was convened, and a report has been published every year since then.

The guidelines for the Chamber Education Report Committee remain the same since its inception:

Include a broad representation of the community

Develop a report that is both reflective and constructive

Base findings on collected information and data

Within each report, the committee has provided recommendations for improvement.

At the heart of each report since 1993 has been the voice of dedicated individuals willing to commit their time to learning and supporting the intentional growth of Nashville and the education of our young people.

Now that we've covered our past, let's look to the future